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Heidi Carlslund
Heidi CarlslundLegal Adviser & Housing Adviser
Tlf: +45 7020 7700
Mob: +45 2636 6191

Heidi Carlslund has a legal and brokerage background and has built up a broad experience and strong competencies within all aspects of a housing trade. Heidi has a background in both the law and real estate brokerage, with a focus on the legal aspects. Besides housing business and complicated land registration, Heidi also has experience and skills in property development. Heidi is on the management board of the Real Estate Agency’s Landsorganisation.

Martin Lennox
Martin LennoxBuyer adviser & Housing Adviser
Tlf: +45 7020 7700
Mob: +45 9391 0229

Martin Lennox began his career in the real estate industry back in 2006. Since then, Martin has worked with several different real estate agencies, focusing on the sale and assessment of properties and has over the years contributed to many real estate transactions. With a great knowledge of all types of properties and broad experience, Martin is a strong sparring partner for his customers when it comes to buying and selling housing.

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